MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Other Artists) – Getting out of a Creative Funk

That awkward moment when I missed 2 months worth of these inspiration posts… sorry! March has flown by so quickly, and the reason I haven’t been posting was because my head was in a completely different space – personal and school stuff, you know, the typical annoying teenager things, but I’ve got back into creating … More MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Other Artists) – Getting out of a Creative Funk


Welcome to another Life on Film post! Finally got some of my film developed from 4 months ago!!! Some of the photos I’m about to share with you are from November, and wow… life has changed since then. As you know by now these posts are extremely unedited and unorganised. They are a collection of … More LIFE ON FILM (v)


RE: The Messy Heads Issue 3 – Home I was on my way out for a shoot, opening the door to leave my house, when a package addressed to me fell through my letterbox. As soon as I saw the doodles on the packaging I knew it was the new issue of The Messy Heads … More HOME?


Hello and Happy 2018 everyone! To be honest I was confused as to what I should publish as the first post of the year and if I should continue with this blog or not… I’ve been focusing more on planning shoots, university applications and future big goals of mine rather than posting on this blog. … More REFLECTIONS & GOALS


Instagram is my one of my main digital sources of inspiration when it comes to photography and creating art. If I’m not posting, I’m most likely scrolling through Instagram finding new photographers/models/muses for future projects. It offers so much inspiration – if used correctly. However, since it has it’s negative aspects as well, it also … More A SELF PORTRAIT – PETRA COLLINS INSPIRED ☆