I want to start this new series of posts featuring developed photos from disposable cameras. The first time I’ve bought a disposable camera was specifically for Leeds Festival during the summer, but along with all my money, it got lost – just my luck. But that experience had taught me that I wasn’t upset because I lost all my money, including the money spent on the three disposable cameras I had in my bag, but because the photos on those cameras where gone forever.

The second time I bought a disposable camera, was when I was going to a gig that I desperately wanted to document, but some venues don’t allow you to enter with a digital camera (for some very odd reason), so I decided to come with a disposable camera. It was definitely a good idea – I got some good shots of the amazing band Blossoms and Declan McKenna who was supporting the concert.

I also grabbed my disposable camera when I was going on an adventure to central London with my friends at night. These photos consist of us being silly before we even left the house and then my film ran out, so there’s only one photo of us actually outside!

Last but not least, is the first photo I took on a disposable. The landscape of skyscrapers at the end of the road is barely visible on the photograph but in real life that is one of the most beautiful views I get to see everyday on my way to school.


There will be more of these posts up soon because I recently used up 3 disposable cameras over the course of very fun and very exciting events, so follow my blog so you will know when I post again 🙂

7 thoughts on “LIFE ON FILM

  1. I’m so in love with your photography style, I can’t remember how I found your blog but I feel like we talked at some point?? No idea, might have made that up! So excited for this series, Freya Haley did something similar and I’m so excited to see your take. I’ve been lusting over dispoable cameras for a while and never got round to buying any – where did you source yours from?
    / Abby @ x


  2. Aw there’s something so lovely about disposable cameras! I love that surprise of not knowing how the photos have turned out and when you finally get them back it’s so nice to look back on the ones you completely forgot you took! They look really great, and that’s a beautiful view! xx


    1. That is always the best part – seeing the photos you completely forgot you have taken and I’m usually so lazy and forget to get them developed, so getting my disposable photos back is always a surprise

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