I’m back with another stack of developed photos! I’ve accumulated so many recently and was dying to share them with you. To be completely honest with you I have procrastinated for so long before I actually got these developed that getting them back was a huge surprise to me, as I can’t remember taking most of these photos!

This first collection is of photos I’ve taken at some point when I was out and about in central London.


In December I made a spontaneous trip to Poland to go and surprise my best friend for her 18th birthday party, I showed up with only her mum knowing I was going to come who snack me into the party, and then I was the one to bring the birthday cake. It was the best weekend ever – to say the least. My friend ended up in tears, and we were so happy. I was able to meet all of her friends and all of my other friends who I haven’t seen for half a year. Best weekend which was filled with a lot of dancing and sleepless nights. Oh yeah, and it was snowing, which was awesome!


Some more poor quality photos from Brighton and my beautiful friends. For actual good photos click here to see the whole post I have wrote about that Brighton trip.


And finally, here are some photos I took for my photography class. My and my two friends who you can see in the first photo, got lost in central London, like we usually do, we explored the Christmas decorated streets, and then came across the tate modern gallery.


9 thoughts on “LIFE ON FILM (ii)

    1. Thanks so much! I didn’t invest in a proper film camera yet, I just get cheap disposables that I need for any fun events with my friends – I would recommend trying them out first 🙂


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