FEBRUARY INSPIRATIONS (Documentaries, Blogs, Artists)

Long time no post… I blame this on school and travelling, as I am constantly consumed with studying nowadays and I also travelled to Sweden and Denmark over my winter half term, so I didn’t have time to post! I was working on some posts about my travels but something happened to my SD card with all my photos on it, so I’m trying to get that repaired now (fingers crossed!).

I personally am not a big fan of monthly favourites, just because I don’t really like shopping that much, and most of the favourites I watch/read advertise materialistic consumerism. However, I like when people include favourites that involve music/art/documentaries; things that inspire others. So I decided to give it a go, but I wanted these posts to have an impact on the reader, if you’re a really artsy kid – you will (hopefully) love this, if not, still give it a read and open up your creative side.

Let’s get started.


Abstract: The Art of Design Documentary

I “accidentally” set up a Netflix account… (let’s all take a moment for my education right now, rip) I decided to finally get Netflix, just because of all the documentaries that can be found there. And I very quickly discovered a documentary titled ‘Abstract: The Art of Design’. If you are creative and want to go into the creative industry in the future, for example into photography, graphic design, architecture etc, then I would strongly recommend watching atleast some of this documentary (it is divided into several episodes). It is a greatly filmed documentary that follows legendary professionals in their everyday job. We see the that taking the risk, that everyone tells us not to take, of going into the art industry, is actually really worth it, if you work hard enough.

Edward Hopper

I first came across this artist years ago when my uncle was showing me his different art books and one of which was about Hopper.  I instantly fell in love with the delicacy of his paintings and his use of the soft, pastel colours. I recommend looking at his work, as it might inspire you!



The Restless Times

This is a magazine I want to talk about because I am actually a part of it. The amazing Darcy Campbell contacted me and a bunch of other really creative and amazing girls, because she wanted to put together something that would spread positivity, contrasting to the pure negativity we see from the everyday media & news. We came out with a free pdf magazine, that I would love for you to check it out. In it you can find amazing articles that hopefully will bring inspiration and positivity into your life, as well as fantastic photography and artwork.

Click here for issue 1

Photo: @jemimah_sarah18

Music Video: Willow Smith – Jimi

Oh my… The music video for this song is so my style. I love the mixing of vintage and modern style in Willow’s songs and fashion statements and this definitely reflects in this music video. The director captured Willow’s personality perfectly, by using the wide variety and mixture of different outfits, scenes and colours changing in every cut.


Vintage Photography – The Break

I found this vintage store through @themessyhead’s blog, and while scrolling through their website I couldn’t help but admire the photos more than the actual clothing! The photography is unique, carefully planned out and reflects the vintage vibe of the clothing. I think the style of photography is really inspiring because it doesn’t follow the typical rules of fashion photography; we don’t see an ordinary white background and photoshop trails, instead we see colour, contrast and interestingly posted models that capture our attention.



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