MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Art exhibitions, YouTube, Documentaries)

Welcome to the second post of the inspiration series – hope you get inspired!

The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from Sir Elton John Collection

During March, I had the opportunity to go to a beautiful photography exhibition in Tate Modern with my photography class. It was Elton John black and white collection of photographs that stretched out over three galleries. All of the pieces were so powerful and beautiful, and all from 1920s – 1940s which made the exhibition even better. The collection educated us on old editing techniques but also had a way of touching out hearts. If you live in London please go while it’s still open.


Happy – Documentary

This documentary, changed my whole outlook on life. I have always been a positive person, but everyone has those days when even though we have everything we need, for some reason we feel unsatisfied and unhappy. The documentary shares stories of a handful of people that depict their lives and how happy they are with them. The most important thing I’ve learned from this documentary, is that no matter how much or how little you have, you can still be happy. And I finally fully understood that happiness, does in fact, come from within. I hope this inspired people to be more grateful and accepting of their lives and situations that they take for granted, as it definitely had that effect on me.

Arden Rose – Body Acceptance Video

(Quick run down: If you don’t know who Arden Rose is, she is an amazing and creative youtuber who doesn’t hesitate talking about taboo subjects. Some of her other videos are about topics like sex, OCD but also make up and fashion.)

Even though this video was posted in May 2016, it appeared in my recommendations recently. I did not hesitate to click on it, as I love Arden and her content, I was interested in her thoughts about such a topic which connects nearly all growing up girls (and boys!). After watching it I was immediately thankful that she made a video like that. Arden was completely vulnerable and open about eating disorders as well as the struggle of the self acceptance journey. With that video, Arden inevitably inspired hundreds of girls to have a better and healthier relationships with food.

(I will probably make a whole separate post on this topic, as I have a lot to say, so look out for it some time soon!)




4 thoughts on “MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Art exhibitions, YouTube, Documentaries)

  1. I also loved Arden’s video! I’ve always struggled with my weight, people think skinny people don’t mind being skinny because it’s ‘socially’ acceptable, but there’s a fine line between being skinny and healthy.

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