IMG_8802BIMG_8850BI originally planned a day out- with my friend Stef to shoot a short fashion film about breaking gender stereotypes in fashion – which is still something I’m going to work on and produce! The reason why I ended up not shooting that film is because currently I don’t have an editing software (if you have any recommendations for cheap-ish video editing programs, let me know), so instead we had fun and set up this photo shoot!

I kept the same theme, of femininity that I wanted to express through the video, in mind when I was shooting these photos. You know –  with pink and blue being the colours stereotypically associated with gender, as well as adding a touch of glitter to Stef’s eyes.


Here’s what my good friend, Stef, had to say about the issue:

“Have you ever been told in your life that you can’t do something because that was only for girls/boys? Yeah, this is what we call gender stereotypes. There are so still so many in our society today and I personally think we need to break them. Breaking these down will only allow us humans to be who we want to be, say what we want to say and express ourselves however we want. There are so many people slaying the game out there, like males wearing make up and females wearing suits. This is so powerful and by breaking these down, we create a more equal society and therefore leading to more happiness in the world. So  I encourage you to step outside the comfort zone that society has put you in and be the unique you.”


And what’s lovely about Stef is the fact that he stuck to what he said, because after the our shoot just before we parted ways, I asked him if he wanted me to take off his make up and wash his painted blue nails, but he said no. He said he actually likes it and even though a long journey back on the public transported awaited for him, as well as many people who may look at him weirdly, he didn’t care.


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Stef – Instagram YouTube


ps. wordpress quality is not doing the photos justice (sorry!)


3 thoughts on “THE BOY FROM VENUS

  1. these pictures are so beautiful! you truly have skill when it comes to photography and i’m glad you talked about this topic because it its something that i think needs to be discussed more

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