MAY INSPIRATIONS (Youtubers, Photographers, Books)

I would just like to start off by apologising for the slight delay in posts and any online activity; I’m just really focusing on school right now as well as planning a lot of exciting things for the future.

For the month of April I do not have many inspirations, (because I don’t think you could consider textbooks and revision guides inspiring) but I still want to share with you the few things that did inspired me and brought me happiness recently.

–   claire michell

First of all, a beautiful soul I was following on instagram for the longest time and just recently discovering she has a youtube channel – Claire Michelle. I have been binge watching her really long videos because I have a huge admiration for her overwhelming positive attitude to life and radiating happiness. Such a creative human who manages to teach her viewers on veganism, peace of mind and encouraging them to take on every adventure in life. I picked to include her in this post because she inspired me to be a better person and seek gratitude in every aspect of my life, as sometimes it is very easy to focus on the negative.


–   myha heaven

The next inspiration is a young photographer named Myha Heaven. Her photos caught my eye because they were similar to mine, or at least similar to the type of photos I want to be taking; she manages to capture her world in an interesting and unique way on black and white film. She explores the conventional and unusual ways of taking photos and it is really refreshing to see an artist who is not reluctant to occasionally try something new.



–   the photograph by graham clarke

I was originally assigned to read this book for my photography class and only managed to get through the first chapter only to stack it neatly on the shelf never to be opened again. But recently I finished a previous book I was reading and had nothing else so I decided to pick it up again, and let me tell you, it was a good idea. I still haven’t finished it, I’m half way through, but I have already learned so much about the basics, complexities and history of photography. ‘The Photograph’ covers topics that every photographer should be aware about as it increases your knowledge and will definitely help you take better photos.



Instagram – Portfolio



9 thoughts on “MAY INSPIRATIONS (Youtubers, Photographers, Books)

  1. Oh my gosh! I just discovered Claire Michelle and her beautiful films this month, too. She’s so inspiring, and I love seeing clips of her meals or Hawaii. nice post. xx

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