It’s 2017, yet the youth are dressing like we’re in the 70s, acting like its 1984 and listening to music from two decades ago on… what’s that? A record player?!


Millennials are trying to juggle two lives; the current reality of social media, high expectations and rat race mentality, with the “more glorious days” when rock ‘n roll was the only medicine humanity needed. We fantasize of this impossibility of going back in time because it’s easy – it’s easy to blame unhappiness and dissatisfaction on the universe, “if only I was born a little earlier, my life would be better”. Trust me I’ve been through that phase, I got too caught up in 90s TV shows and films from the 80s and that was it, my life had no meaning anymore according to my teenage over-dramatic nature!


I have found a cure for this feeling. By simply visiting a vintage or charity shop you can travel back in time. You will be surrounded by old books, magazines and clothes as well as people who are there for the exact same reason as you. The other day I went to get lost with my friends around the streets of Shoreditch and we ended up in a vintage market for nearly 2 hours! We found a stand with old magazines dating back to 1930s and we gently handed each other yellow tinted paper with scribbled messages on it from 1800s (I don’t even know how that piece of paper managed to survive for so long, let alone find itself in a random store in London).


Believing that previous years were ‘better’ is ridiculous – don’t get me wrong some aspects were definitely better and maybe more interesting, but every decade, generation, year has positives and negatives about them (watch ‘Midnight in Paris’!). Just talk to your parents and grandparents. Compare any moment of the past to the present moment and realise the hardships and inequalities minorities had to face, just take a moment and realise how lucky you are to be living in 2017, especially if you are of ethnic minority, a female or classify as not straight. Yes, there are still areas for improvement but the gaps between us as individuals are decreasing every day.

How can we say we have it worse, when we have the whole world at our finger tips?


It is important to become aware and connect with the past, because it has many lessons hidden within it, but it’s also essential for us to focus on the present and not fall into the trap of getting lost in the past (or the future).


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