48 Hours in Edinburgh – Part 1

My second adventure of summer was a quick trip to Edinburgh with my mum –  2 days and 3 nights (two of which were spent on the coach). Despite the lack of sleep it was a fun adventure.

Our first 24 hours were unfortunately limited due to the ‘traditional Scottish’ weather. We seeked shelter from the rain in cafes, galleries and museums, as our shoes soaked right through and I had to hide my camera underneath my coat to prevent it from also getting wet. After an hour or trying to keep it together, we have given up when we saw Primark. We immediately jumped on the opportunity to buy wellies and some dry leggins, after that we were once more ready to explore and not even the weather would stand in our way!

My favourite part of that day, was finding a cosy cafe in the town centre, where we warmed up, drank coffee and just talked. During our everyday routines, sometimes we don’t even make the time to really talk to the people you live with. That cafe was the perfect pause to the constant hurry and movement for us, and in that moment we never wanted to leave. The windows were tall and fogged up, there was jazz music playing in the background and a French field trip that sat near us. It reminded me of Paris…


Stay tuned for part 2 – and this time a sunny version of Edinburgh!!

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