Finally got some film developed! Believe it or not some of these pictures are from MARCH! I love doing this series on my blog because I feel like it’s so much more personal and raw. I don’t edit these film photos at all, and they are usually snippets of my life and friends, so I’m really happy guys enjoy the Life on Film posts, on the rare occasions I do post them!

First two photos were taken at my friend’s house in March 2017. We spontaneously decided to meet up and have a girl’s night in (which is always a good idea). It was a day after I heard some terrible news that I had struggles coping with, but these lovely ladies managed to make me laugh, when I didn’t want to smile. We watched bad movies all night and ordered Chinese food – how very coming of age style of us.

IMG_0004 (2)LIMG_0005 (1)L

This is a landscape of one of my favourite places. It’s the little bit of nature I have in the city. Everyone has that one happy place that they often go to – well this is mine. It’s located near a park right next to my house and it often surprises me with the amount of peace it is able to provide me with. You will often find me sitting there reading a good book!

IMG_0007 (1)L

The rest of the photos are from Community Festival, which took place in Finsbury Park earlier this month. It was an amazing way to escape real life for one day and enjoy all of my favourite bands with my friends. If you’re interested in the festival in more detail you can read about it on SATURN, as I’ve covered it there!

IMG_0008 (1)LIMG_0009LIMG_0010LIMG_0011LIMG_0012LIMG_0013LIMG_0014LIMG_0015LIMG_0016L



10 thoughts on “LIFE ON FILM (iii)

    1. Thank you so much 💕 I encourage you to take every opportunity you get to go to a similar event! Everytime I go to see the bands I love live it’s always so worth and an amazing experience

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