JULY INSPIRATIONS (Ted Talks, YouTube Videos, Events)

July has been a game changer.

So many amazing things happened in my life – things I would never dream of coming true. I’ve met so many inspirational people and artists who I look up to. My wildest dreams came true this month… and that feels so weird to say. I’m so incredibly happy.

The first (and probably my biggest inspiration) was Emma’s and Ella’s meet up in The Canvas Cafe, Shoreditch. I assume that everyone reading my blog knows who Emma Mercury is, but if not, she’s the editor of The Messy HeadsΒ and a kind soul. I’ve met so many incredible, like minded people that day. It reminded me to keep creating, keep doing my own thing and being true to myself, because amazing things happen as a result of that. I have a long list of people that I look up to a lot – Emma is one of them, on that list you can also find two other beautiful humans who I have also met this month: Chloe Sheppard (one of my favourite photographers ever), and Lana Del Rey (who I technically didn’t meet but saw live, but it still made a huge impact on me). Running into these people in real life left me speechless, especially since they all happened within a two week period. Those interactions just pushed me even more to work harder towards what I truly want in life because if you really want something to happen then it definitely will.


The next inspiration, is a video that I’ve actually watched before, but stumbled across it again this month. These two Ted Talks on vulnerability put a lot into perspective. Whether or not you have an issue with opening up and truly connecting with people these are two great videos that I think everyone should watch.


I don’t even know how I’ve stumbled across this Soundcloud profile, but I’m so glad I did. At first I thought this would be a podcast, but the girl behind all of this, publishes radio-style tracks and plays songs based around a certain theme. I really fell in love with episode 17 because it somehow manages to capture being 17 perfectly; the songs reflect the all the emotions and experiences of a 17 year old perfectly. Finding this profile actually inspired me to press record when I have too many thoughts, because sometimes it’s easier to talk it out than write it out.




I really fell in love with this video because of the message behind it. It encouraged me to work hard now so that I can do what I’ve always wanted to do in the future, and that is to travel. This video gave me hope. I loved the visuals as well, because Australia is also one of those places that I’ve always wanted to go to.


I’m going to leave you with this last video… Extremely awaking and beautiful. Just a reminder to not regret any decision you make.


7 thoughts on “JULY INSPIRATIONS (Ted Talks, YouTube Videos, Events)

  1. Sounds like such an amazing month for growth and inspiration Kinga! I love making these kinds of posts, it encourages me to keep looking for and trying new things. And I often find my life better because of it πŸ™‚


    1. Haha I think I might start wearing glitter much more often too! It’s just so fun and creative even if it’s on a day to day basis. I just remember getting a lot of strange looks when I was coming back home with glitter on my face… and I really don’t see the problem?! People take themselves way too seriously. As always – thanks for the support Tere and enjoy the “podcast”

      Liked by 1 person

  2. July looks like it was a dream to you! I’m so so jealous that you went to the meetup, the glitter everywhere really seemed to top it all off! Ellen Fisher is amazing, and her kids are so adorable. The Daydreamer Diaries is something I’m definitely going to look into! This is just such a good post all around. Xo
    Jenna – thescintillation.com


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