I spent a lot of September researching and working on projects which involved photography, so I have came across some very cool photographers! The first one is Chrisophe Jacrot. His approach to photography is incredible! He takes photos of cities like New York (my fav!) and Paris (my second fav!!) during weather conditions in which … More SEPTEMBER INSPIRATIONS


Most of this month’s inspiration comes from art work – so get excited! I done a lot of research this month for a project I’m working on for a class (yes even though it was summer…). One of the things that I found was this website, and they had really cool articles under the “Photography” … More AUGUST INSPIRATIONS

MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Art exhibitions, YouTube, Documentaries)

Welcome to the second post of the inspiration series – hope you get inspired! The Radical Eye: Modernist Photography from Sir Elton John Collection During March, I had the opportunity to go to a beautiful photography exhibition in Tate Modern with my photography class. It was Elton John black and white collection of photographs that … More MARCH INSPIRATIONS (Art exhibitions, YouTube, Documentaries)