The first day in Nice was like a transportation to another dimension. It’s amazing what happens when for one second you take yourself out of your reality and disconnect from things, people and places you’re used to. Great adventures wait for you to get over your fear. Someone once told me that everything worth experiencing … More NICE, FRANCE


This photo shoot was one of the best ones in my life so far. My two friends and I decided to get together for a shoot in St. Dunstan’s in the East and this is the result. It was the first “real” shoot I’ve done because I put a lot of effort into planning it; usually … More TALIA


As I mentioned in previous posts… my summer was filled with amazing experiences and this disposable, that I’m sharing right now, captured a lot of them. First off was Lana Del Rey’s concert in o2 Brixton Academy… something I’ve looked forward to for YEARS! It was definitely a night to remember and the disposable actually … More LIFE ON FILM (iv)


Throughout the month of August I met a lot of new people, and definitely got out of my comfort zone a lot but I was very quickly rewarded for it. It all started in my photography class. We were assigned to photograph people on while background like Marcus Lyon and Richard Avedon. I was walking … More TALK TO STRANGERS


London’s summer has definitely been a bummer (LISTEN TO LANA’S NEW ALBUM PLS), because the weather has been all over the place. I took advantage of all of my free days, especially the ones that were filled with sunshine. Here are some photos that I took of my friends in various different parks. If you’re … More IN NATURE


Finally got some film developed! Believe it or not some of these pictures are from MARCH! I love doing this series on my blog because I feel like it’s so much more personal and raw. I don’t edit these film photos at all, and they are usually snippets of my life and friends, so I’m … More LIFE ON FILM (iii)