SHOOT WITH: Violette

originally posted on the   These photos were taken in Shoreditch, London during a phase of finding my own voice through photography – although I believe that ‘phase’ never ends. I am a young, forever-learning photographer who is trying to find her style and a way to express herself through art. I create my … More SHOOT WITH: Violette


Welcome to another Life on Film post! Finally got some of my film developed from 4 months ago!!! Some of the photos I’m about to share with you are from November, and wow… life has changed since then. As you know by now these posts are extremely unedited and unorganised. They are a collection of … More LIFE ON FILM (v)


Instagram is my one of my main digital sources of inspiration when it comes to photography and creating art. If I’m not posting, I’m most likely scrolling through Instagram finding new photographers/models/muses for future projects. It offers so much inspiration – if used correctly. However, since it has it’s negative aspects as well, it also … More A SELF PORTRAIT – PETRA COLLINS INSPIRED ☆

SHOOT WITH ANGELICA // Birthday photo shoot & testing 50mm

In this post I’m sharing a shoot I’ve done with my beautiful friends – Angelica. She asked me to take some photos for birthday invitations and this is was happened… This is the first proper shoot I done with the new 50mm lens. I am honestly in LOVE with this lens! It created such amazing … More SHOOT WITH ANGELICA // Birthday photo shoot & testing 50mm

A SHOOT WITH STEF // Getting away from London for the day

Coming to you guys today with another recent, fun shoot I’ve done with my amazing pal Stef. Over the last month or so I’ve done a LOT of shoots professionally or as part of commissions so getting back to just shooting for fun and experimenting more with looks and colours was refreshing. Some of these … More A SHOOT WITH STEF // Getting away from London for the day

A Lilac Mind.

Social media can be such an amazing and powerful tool to improve our lives. It can be used to find like-minded people because what you’ll put out there is what you’re going to receive. And that’s kind of how I met Bibi. This creative individual inspired me so much with only one interaction! We grabbed … More A Lilac Mind.


The first day in Nice was like a transportation to another dimension. It’s amazing what happens when for one second you take yourself out of your reality and disconnect from things, people and places you’re used to. Great adventures wait for you to get over your fear. Someone once told me that everything worth experiencing … More NICE, FRANCE


This photo shoot was one of the best ones in my life so far. My two friends and I decided to get together for a shoot in St. Dunstan’s in the East and this is the result. It was the first “real” shoot I’ve done because I put a lot of effort into planning it; usually … More TALIA