This post is for you, as well as it is for me. A lot of changes are about to happen. I am so excited, happy and grateful that they are happening – but also terrified. But I’m OK with it. I get this feeling every time something amazing is about to happen. It’s a mixture … More Change.


RE: The Messy Heads Issue 3 – Home I was on my way out for a shoot, opening the door to leave my house, when a package addressed to me fell through my letterbox. As soon as I saw the doodles on the packaging I knew it was the new issue of The Messy Heads … More HOME?


Hello and Happy 2018 everyone! To be honest I was confused as to what I should publish as the first post of the year and if I should continue with this blog or not… I’ve been focusing more on planning shoots, university applications and future big goals of mine rather than posting on this blog. … More REFLECTIONS & GOALS


Are you ready for the biggest pep talk of your life!? Sooner or later everyone is faced with doubt. No matter how passionate and sure you are about something, you will find yourself questioning everything you do at one point in your life. This may occur when you’re working so hard on something for a … More DOUBT, FEAR OF FAILURE & THE STRESS OF FOLLOWING YOUR DREAMS


Hello! This post is longer than usual, but if you are an artist I promise you it will be worth reading to the end. Hopefully it will make you think about your art and inspire you to make it more meaningful. One question that haunts me as a photographer is, “how do I capture the … More CAPTURING FEELINGS


Today, my post is a little different to the usual; I have decided to explore my interest in poetry and writing (this might become a series… might). I have combined a few pieces that were lost between the pages of my journal, just rambles of thoughts that some people may call poetry. I paired my … More RIPPED JOURNAL PAGES