This photo shoot was one of the best ones in my life so far. My two friends and I decided to get together for a shoot in St. Dunstan’s in the East and this is the result. It was the first “real” shoot I’ve done because I put a lot of effort into planning it; usually … More TALIA


Throughout the month of August I met a lot of new people, and definitely got out of my comfort zone a lot but I was very quickly rewarded for it. It all started in my photography class. We were assigned to photograph people on while background like Marcus Lyon and Richard Avedon. I was walking … More TALK TO STRANGERS


London’s summer has definitely been a bummer (LISTEN TO LANA’S NEW ALBUM PLS), because the weather has been all over the place. I took advantage of all of my free days, especially the ones that were filled with sunshine. Here are some photos that I took of my friends in various different parks. If you’re … More IN NATURE


I originally planned a day out- with my friend Stef to shoot a short fashion film about breaking gender stereotypes in fashion – which is still something I’m going to work on and produce! The reason why I ended up not shooting that film is because currently I don’t have an editing software (if you have … More THE BOY FROM VENUS